I’m John Edwards

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way ‘atcha write it.”
—Jack Kerouac

You have a lot on your plate and plenty of things to worry about. The problem of developing great content shouldn’t add to your concerns.

I can help. I’m a writer and idea generator whose expertise spans many technologies, including networks, telecom,  mobility, big data, cloud computing, robotics, the Internet of Things, semiconductors, e-marketing and cutting-edge laboratory research. Working with my experienced research partner, Eve Keiser,  I create both business-to-business and business-to-consumer content in the form of articles, white papers, blogs, multimedia scripts, speeches and all types of marketing copy. Over the decades, Eve and I have interviewed scores of technology pioneers as well as several Nobel Prize winners and an endless number of business leaders and technical experts. To stay on top of markets and emerging trends, I maintain close contacts with key individuals throughout the technology industry.

CFO Magazine, CIO Magazine, Defense Systems, Defense News/C4ISR&N, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE Computer, Law Technology News, Network World, Computerworld, Infoworld, Robotics Business Review and RFID Journal are among the publications that have published my articles. I’ve also written technology news, white papers and analysis reports for PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Economist Intelligence Unit. Past and current corporate clients include Microsoft, AT&T, Cisco Systems, HPE, IBM and Oracle. My published books include The Law Office Guide to Small Computers (Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill), Leveraging Web Services (AMACOM), Telecosmos (John Wiley & Sons) and The Geeks of War (AMACOM).

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My Services


I’ve written articles about virtually every technology and every aspect of the technology industry. I also write about how businesses use technology to boost productivity and efficiency, cut costs, boost sales and tap into new markets. Recent topics I’ve covered include server virtualization, big data, SaaS, software-defined networks, cloud computing, mobility and data security.

White Papers

Scores of computer, network, telecom, electronics and software companies have turned to me for various types of white papers and marketing collateral.  I can deliver special reports, position papers, case studies, product briefings, market analyses, executive briefings or technology overviews in any format or length.

Social Media

Blogs, website/app content, webinars and podcasts are second nature to me. Beginning with pre-Internet online services such as CompuServe and Prodigy (both were clients for several years), I’ve connected with people to enhance brand presence and attract new customers. While the channels keep changing, the goal of engaging and motivating audiences remains the same.


Transforming great ideas into actionable content is one of my specialities. I can take a rough draft of anything written or spoken by an executive, manager, designer or engineer and turn it into an engaging document that educates and influences key decision makers of every type at any level.

Depend on John Edwards

Personal Service

When you work with John Edwards you work directly with the writer. I’ve helped many major enterprises with my small business-focused personal touch.

Expert Knowledge

I have written about virtually all major consumer and business technologies and work hard to keep pace with ongoing developments.


As a full-time independent writer, I’m strongly committed to meeting deadlines and responding quickly to client requests. If I don’t think I can meet your deadline I’ll tell you up front and, if necessary, try to recommend someone who can.

Reasonable Rates

High quality content is never cheap, yet my rates are always fair and market competitive. If I can’t meet your budget, I’ll tell you up front and will try to recommend someone who can.

Relentless Research

With my research partner, Eve Keiser, I connect with subject matter experts of all types to uncover the facts and view the topic from all relevant angles.

Quality Writing

I’m a technology writer, not a technical writer. My work has appeared in a wide range of mainstream consumer and business publications. I know how to engage and inform all types of readers.

Read My Articles

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